i am developing this course 

i am developing this course 

Enrollment Key: FSW

Course Description

This course has designed historical and practical overview of the social work profession. It integrates knowledge of social work practice, values, ethics and social justice issues. Students will learn how social workers engage in generalist practice and how it is applied with individuals, groups and communities.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, the students will be able to:

1. Describe the concept, historical roots, philosophy and current development of social work theory and practice.

2. Define the mission of social work and its role in producing professional social worker.

3. Illustrate an understanding of the philosophy, knowledge and value, which forms the base for social work practice, social work as a profession, and the roles of the social worker in the modern society.

4. Internalize the social work professional values, ethics, guiding principles and application in the profession.

5. Explain the social work in relation to various settings.

6. Get equipped with the practice skills in different social work-related settings.

This is designed to provide knowledge social action process, model and advocacy of social action and contemporary social action. It also imparts knowledge different philosophies and social advocacy related to social action.